The Capabilities of our

ISC Listen:
Analyze your Context

Listen to a Context related to your objective. The result will be actionable data for decision making related to the sentiment and emotions generated by your context.


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ISC Advise
Get Marketing digital advice

Our Analysts are experts in Social Networks, they will help you establish and execute a campaign strategy by using IsocialCube efficiently.

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ISC Monitor
Monitor and Carry out Your Campaign

Reach your Marketing and sales goals with marketing campaigns over multiple Social Media at the same time. Conversion is assured through detailed monitoring with specific insights on campaign deployment.

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ISC Design
Special Resources to get more insights

ISC Design lets you design your campaign around a sweepstake, a promotion, a form, a landing page or a poll. You can run AddOns in several Social Media at the same time.

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The Capabilities of our Platform

Sentiment and
Emotional Analysis

Driven by Artificial

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Social Media that we can manage

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Toda la estadística de tus Redes Sociales
en un solo sitio.

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Social Media Analytics driven
by Business Intelligence.

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Campaign Management and Monitoring  


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Identify your strengths against
your competition.

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We offer you the whole
nine yards in Social Media marketing:
Tool + Strategy + Team.


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